Saturday, March 07, 2009

chris tomlin concert

so yesterday i was able to go to a christomlin concert & it was AHMAZING :) israel & new breed opened for them and it was just crazy fun :) i always loved concerts! this was my 6 or 7th concert. i've been to a chris tomlin concert before but didnt know the songs as much. but LOUIE wasnt there and didnt speak :( oh wells, the music paid off for it ! hahaha.

going into details about yesterday, we drove up to sacramento and it took like 3 hours cause there was an accident on the freeway so once we get to sac-town (as they call it) its almost 630PM so we decide to eat dinner. we see this japanese restaurant and walk towards it. it was across the street from where the concert was at and i see tour busses. some guy walks out & i yell " HI! :)" and wave and he waved back. later that night i found out he was the guiatarist! hahaha. but back to talking about dinner, it was different. very modern & there was a bar. but we sat on a lounge couch thing and it was very fun actually. hahah :) we ordered sushi and it was PRETTY good! :) three out of 4 of them were fried but they were satisfying cause i was hungry :] so after dinner we go line up for the concert and get inside. the concert was at sacramento memorial i think and it was pretty. not bad in size actually, rather large but we were close to the "stage."

chris tomlin's new album is called hello love . i really liked the name of it! :) hahaha. but israel and new breed started the whole concert off and even on the very first song everyone was so pumped up and i felt like god's love was everywhere and seeing all the people inside one building, praising one god made me realize more that god isnt just in one place but is everywhere. he doesnt only work in san francisco or sacramento or california but all over the world. its so indescribable (hahah they played that song yesterday) ..we all have different stories, cultures, etc. but we all come together to worship one god & live our lives out for him. how we're all brothers and sisters in christ and united together as one. it just takes one to change a little bit of this world. the power of one. :)

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