Monday, August 10, 2009

hope chapel . west oahu !

okay since ive got no one to talk to or anything to do cause im sick.. i decided to write a blog while i was in hawaii ! (: soooo !on saturday which was 2days ago, our family friend galen,anne& little zachy ( who by the way let me hold him for UBBERRRR long ! ;] ) invited us to go to their church called, HOPE CHAPEL WEST OAHU ! it was a new building they had gotten and this week was only their second week there. the place was HUGE ! the sanctuary was really nice :) the worship was alright. the pastor there spoke sorta quick but was really funny along the way . && there were a handful of youth . its funny because when we came to hawaii 2 years ago, we went to a church called New Hope or something and they had done sign language during a song for worship. and at this church too they had done sign language. i thought it was funny because maybe its a hawaiian thing ! hahaha. i think it would be cool if our church could get the youth to do another body language or sign language thing again. :) we havent done those since the old church back on 33rd avenue. hahahah ! but one of the old pastors of HOPECHAPEL said something really meaningful .

he said that even before Hope Chapel got this new building i felt something outside. The Church is not about the building, its about the people. They shouldnt worship differently or act differently just because of the new building . and i thought to myself about that.

yes things seem to be at a sudden stop for me. imma be going high school soon & yeah its gonna be different but what is my goal for high school ? what will be the impression i make on others ? theres sooo many questions going on in my head about relationships, school, god.. i cant be worrying about it either. & i think that through the school year imma realize how strong my faith really is and everything that i'll be going through. i think the main thing is though that i have to keep turning to god FIRST rather than turning to others. of course god wants us to turn to him and pray to him but sometimes our natural instinct is to ask our friends what to do. & also i need to keep praying and serving god :) these things can be hard, but man WE GOTTA STEP IT UP !