Wednesday, March 18, 2009

its starting to end..

oh its been soo much fun being able to just relax this past school year, but i start realizing that its almost ending. middle school will soon be over and high school will just be starting. this past saturday i found out i got into lowell! very proud of myself :) i know it'll be a challenge, but it'll be worth it! track is almost over and i wont be doing middle school sports anymore. school carnival, 8th grade picnic, great america, and most important..GRADUATION will soon be heading my way. its sorta crazy how 3 years of middle school are almost over and it'll soon be another chapter in life. things are happening so fast &i just wish that i could just sit and watch things happen slowly. it feels like theres so many good &bad memories of middle school, but i have so many more memories to make in high school which is more memorable. high school will be where i realize who my real friends are &who i really am. :) its seriously gonna be an exciting rest of the school year :]

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