Saturday, May 30, 2009

be hau'oli:)

havent done one of these in hecka long..

this week was crazy. and this next week coming up will be even more crazy.. theres only so little time left. uhmm yesterday was a very long&tiring day.. started off with me getting my finger slammed between the van door ): started bleeding like crazy. had to change my bandaid every 10minutes. so i cant really bend it either cause it got smashed right where you bend your finger.. ): it sucks :/ but had 8th grade picnic & fellowship. i was just really tired & yesterday felt so long. my head kept spinning wiht all the thoughts & what not.. but luckily its all over. finally..

theres just so little time before its summer & a new school year.
-monday: great america
-tuesday: grad practice, bball practice( if my finger is better), DADS BIRTHDAY:)
-wednseday: grad practice
-thursday: WASH H.S. grad, grad practice for 3hours.
-friday: my graduation;)

& then school is over for me..): its so sad but yet so exciting. im going to miss everyone but im so excited for summer. this next week is gonna past by so fast): im not ready for it.. or all the changes that are gonna happen. but whatever it takes, i'll try& be ready for it. i just gotta be positive about everything happening