Sunday, February 15, 2009

LG - amazing! :)

havent written one of these lately but wanted to write some stuff thats been happening to me these past two weeks. i should be doing homework but oh wells. i wanna do this first(:

so in the past two fellowships on friday night, jim showed youtube videos of a speaker named louie giglio. i actually went to a chris tomlin concert and he spoke there & i sat front row! but i didnt really understand & grasp the concept much only cause i was a lot younger. i wish i did cause the message he gives is so incredible. you can find it on youtube. i think just type in louie giglio and then click on the one that says indescribable. and watch all 5 PARTS! (: you'll be very satisfied after watching! :] promise! :D
there was also another video that ive NEVER seen before which also was absloutely incredible and it talked about laminin. Laminin is a protein in our bodies that is the reason for holding us all together. you can watch the video on youtube and be in awe yourself. i dont wanna spoil it! (:

its just something thats been pretty amazing to watch & its not a coincidence that god did these things. he has a reason for everything & knows everything :) hes indescribable. haha :]

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