Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Monday, September 06, 2010

I HAVE MOVED ON TO TUMBLR BECAUSE THAT'S WHERE ITS AT. been on tumblr since , february 2010 . i think haha:) follow me @breeeonuh :) keep it simple and fresh. bye blogspot:D

Monday, May 10, 2010

walk in love &walk in light from ephesians 4

Sunday, April 25, 2010

in the future, i'm going to look back at this blogspot and smile at all the crazy things i talked about.. 1 James 1:2-4 .. PERSEVERANCE

Thursday, April 01, 2010

And i know it's tough right now, but we'll get it together. And just now that i am here through all kinds of weather. And i will never leave your side day or night or whenever.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

through it all , i know god's always with me.. but why do i still constantly stray.. why do i still constantly turn to him when i know he will always be there for me...
i guess the only thing now is to persevere and look ahead for what god's plans are for me. whether it is what i want or not.. jeremiah 29:11-13

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

the coming

so ive been thinking a lot about everything lately. school, relationships, etc & everything has been concerning me. all the work given , family and friends. its been crazy for me. but the thing i have been thinking about the most is my relationship. god has placed my boyfriend in my life for a reason. & ive heard him talk about what god has been doing and all that good stuff. hes really been pouring himself out to me about god more than usual. && i think this is the best thing that could happen. his passion for god encourages me and inspires me to have that strong passion too. its honestly a struggle to be all gung ho 24/7. but i need to give my time to him daily. i think chris has just been so helpful with that and helping me keep my walk strong, firm and growing. i cant wait till hes back too! its only been 2 weeks. but it has been soo long! ): we havent really talked but i understand. he's busy & i just have to let him be.. i miss him . :\

soo the thing i really think we need to think about more is " waiting for that day. " we cant wait till our loved one comes home and we miss them so much that we dont know what to do. why cant we do that with our relationship with god ? we never know when hes coming and were already in the 3rd week of advent. christmas is almost here. the coming !!: ) i wish we could all just have that "excitement" within us when were waiting for our loved ones & god.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

i remember.

yes i miss you guys :( good picture !:)

aww i love them :) <3

oh marc.. i see you too much now ! hahaha :) jk !

just one more week ..

after this week & the one right after , it'll be winter break . & i'll be very very happy . no more stress & a lot more fun. through it all though, i wish that there was just something that'd overjoy me more than anything.

my eyes been messed up ): and ive been hoping it'd get better but it just turned worse :\ sigh sigh sigh .. the weather nowadays in sf is just too cold for me to handle ! ive been freezing everynight now !): not the most fun either. highschool has been okay. i dont think its actually HIT me that im in highschool. hahaha its sorta weird still.

theres a reason for everything and i just wish i knew the reason for something right now. things have been hard at times but i manage to deal with everything happening. i think this week , even though it hasnt finished could be summed up into one word - insecurity. for the past few weeks, in sunday school we started learning about why we label or why we feel the insecurity within outselves? & i think this really relates to my life right now. when were insecure, we find someway to make us feel comfort & love. honestly i do feel somewhat insecure at times, but then again i feel independent and that i can live my on my own. i feel like i can , but truthfully i dont want to...

ive been learning that the words i say should be chosen carefully. slow to speak. quick to listen. i just wish i did that more often. i hope the retreat during winter break will be my wake up call. that something different needs to happen in me next year. what am i doing wrong that will make things right ? 3 of my pretty good friends are going retreat this year & i really hope they all get something out of it. i really pray they do. & that they'd open up their hearts to what gods trying to tell them. hes the only way. i really hope this is the retreat where sisters&brothers in christ pour out their hearts & they wont feel like they have to hold back ..

CHRISTMAS IS COMING !:) only 17 more days !

Sunday, September 06, 2009

lowell o9

SO ! school started 2weeks ago. and man is it intense already. hahahahaha ! :) ive had to run the mile, lots of test, tons of hwk, etc. but i honestly think that even though im worked and pushed so far, that its helping me so much . : ) i feel soo organized ! hahaha(: compared to before at least. at least with lowell, i have to learn to manage everything in my life. i've met some really great people already and on tuesday i'll be going into another week of meeting more new people (: thats the thing about lowell.. theres so many people that you almost meet someone new everyday ( : but here's my schedule..

- 1,2 - : ) FREE !
- 4,5 - Physical Education ( Prutz )
- REG - 1319 . ( Worth . rm.340)
- 6,7 - Modern World ( Fisher rm.254 )
- 9,10 - Biology ( Laureyns rm.241)
- 11,12 - English 2 ( Nelson rm. T-15 .. bungalows ! lol)
- 14,15 - LUNCH : ) ( YUMMMMM ! ) hahaha
-16,17 - Spanish 1 ( Maquinana rm.142 )
- 19,20 - Geometry 1 ( Gribler rm.272)

which means :) on tuesdays and thursdays for SURE ( : i have an hour long lunch ! :) yay! :] hahahaha. lowell is definitely fun though & even though i didnt make the volleyball team. im okay(: hahahah. just gives me more reason to try harder and practice more. hmm maybe basketball ? lol (: who knows ! but im glad to be at lowell . it shall definitely be a great year !(: and im counting on that ! :) student council will definitely be a good oportunity and i'll try and run for something and hopefully win(:

L-O-W-E-L-L C-A-R-D-I-N-A-L-S !! :) o9-10

Monday, August 10, 2009

hope chapel . west oahu !

okay since ive got no one to talk to or anything to do cause im sick.. i decided to write a blog while i was in hawaii ! (: soooo !on saturday which was 2days ago, our family friend galen,anne& little zachy ( who by the way let me hold him for UBBERRRR long ! ;] ) invited us to go to their church called, HOPE CHAPEL WEST OAHU ! it was a new building they had gotten and this week was only their second week there. the place was HUGE ! the sanctuary was really nice :) the worship was alright. the pastor there spoke sorta quick but was really funny along the way . && there were a handful of youth . its funny because when we came to hawaii 2 years ago, we went to a church called New Hope or something and they had done sign language during a song for worship. and at this church too they had done sign language. i thought it was funny because maybe its a hawaiian thing ! hahaha. i think it would be cool if our church could get the youth to do another body language or sign language thing again. :) we havent done those since the old church back on 33rd avenue. hahahah ! but one of the old pastors of HOPECHAPEL said something really meaningful .

he said that even before Hope Chapel got this new building i felt something outside. The Church is not about the building, its about the people. They shouldnt worship differently or act differently just because of the new building . and i thought to myself about that.

yes things seem to be at a sudden stop for me. imma be going high school soon & yeah its gonna be different but what is my goal for high school ? what will be the impression i make on others ? theres sooo many questions going on in my head about relationships, school, god.. i cant be worrying about it either. & i think that through the school year imma realize how strong my faith really is and everything that i'll be going through. i think the main thing is though that i have to keep turning to god FIRST rather than turning to others. of course god wants us to turn to him and pray to him but sometimes our natural instinct is to ask our friends what to do. & also i need to keep praying and serving god :) these things can be hard, but man WE GOTTA STEP IT UP !

Monday, July 27, 2009

mondays are one of thee best days of summer :)

so today i bussed to chan baby's house ! hahaha justkidding. chris' house and went to the beach. it actually wasnt cold which was sorta surprising :) it was "just right" hahaha. but whenever we go to the beach together, we learn something new about each other each time. && we talk a lot more than usual. maybe its because the beach gives us that warmth inside & relaxing feeling ... but we really open up to each other and talk about some really interesting things. then we went over to the cliffhouse area & looked over the waves: ) that was fun . walked to the bus stop and caught the 38 to go eat "lunchdinner" and got some tapioca !(: that was good but then it started getting really cold. ); hahaha so we were gonna go to the park nearby but then chris saw his basketball buddies there soo we didnt go and got picked up and went back to his crib(: haahha. i got to watch chris &allison play brawl together and boy was allison a CUTIE !:D hahah she was sooo concentrated on winning. but then i left & went to watch the bronze game. they lost unfortunately. but oh wells ! its just a game :] then went home & here i am now !(: hahahaha.

soo its almost august which means it the last month before school starts for me.. sadly ): but im leaving for hawaii soon which is gonna be one of thee best parts of summer :D this year im not going baayf but i do have another four years. but i do pray that everyone going there would learn more about god and get closer to him while they are there. & also that they wouldnt get a "spiritual high" because those can die down. but that their love and faith in you would be everlasting and that not just because of camp that they feel they would have to grow from there & that they have to get away to grow closer to you but that its just something that will help them grow more. i wont be able to meet new people or get closer with god but i think hes been speaking to me even though im not gonna be away at a camp. maybe god is using chris and helping me grow spiritually through him. he encourages me through what he says to make me wanna do the same. i dont know if that makes sense or not but i dont know how to describe whats happening. i guess to just "sum" up what i said (which sounded like jibberish) is that chris supports me in my faith and in return im helping him grow spiritually and i guess it just helps me and when i see him growing in god, it makes me wanna too.

yeah i was talking to someone the other day and they said to me . " i sorta feel like people go to church for the wrong reasons " && honestly i didnt expect that at ALL ! hahaha. i was thinking to myself " huh ? hmmm this is surprising. why would he/she say that ?" and i asked oh what made you say that and they said to me.. i dont know i just feel like in general the people at church arent there for the right reasons.. and it honestly did get me thinking hard. i was just so confused and surprised. i didnt know what to say back.

i havent been going to the rescue mission lately.. i know its not a "have to" but like everytime i went .. theres always sooo many people there that i barely do anything.. and then when you dont do anything it gets sorta boring.. so yeah i havent been going for awhile .. probably like 3 maybe 4 weeks. wont be going next 2 weeks either cause im in hawaii so idk. i want to help people out & serve unto others but then if i go there and theres other people already doing things than i cant & im just standing around. sooooo hopefully the next time i go, i'll be able to do something and be a good little helper !(: hahahaha

hahahhaa last thing to say..

:: friends suck :) but really are one of thee best things in life you can ever have .. besides god, your family & your loved one :) hahha but friends are up there on the list ! :: hehehehe

oh && i just wanted to say . HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 3 is one of my favorite movies EVER ! :D hahahhaha i dont care if you dont like it.. i'll MAKE YOU LIKE IT !(:

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

oh.. hes GOT a plan !(:

friends are amazing and you should cherish the friendship made & the relationship between you two :D friends, ( well depending on the "friend" ) help you in so many ways. they can be reliable, trustworthy, loyal, fun to be around :) i dont know just everything. &&sometimes you take for granted almost that you'll always have friends. never forget about your friends because the good ones will stick by your side;) they got your back and encourage&support you to do better than what you think you can. they'll be there to talk or listen and hang out. friends are one of thee best things about my life and they're soo important to me (:

&&honestly. im really excited for lowell, but ! hecka scared at the same time only because of all the competition and people around. OTHER THAN THAT THOUGH.... im so ready to meet new people and have the experience of HIGHSCHOOL that i have been waiting for :D i really think imma have a blast at lowell even though most people ( other than the ones that go there ) dont like it :) but its all good !(: it'll be a new fun, learning adventure :D hahahaa adventure ! i think it will be. who knows ! but i really pray for the school year and everything that happens. i pray that i wont get sidetracked by all the school work and what not and forget about doing my devotions, prayers, and everything else. i pray for everyone else too that they wont forget and keep living their lives out as children of god!(: i pray that throughout the year that i will bring people to him whether it would be to fellowship or church. && if i do, then i pray that they would stick with it and realize that they have a purpose for being there & that they wouldn't think they are there for the wrong reasons. GOD HAS A PLAN FOR EVERYTHING :)

i think that is my theme this summer& the rest of the year.

this school year will be different than what im used to, but im excited and hopeful for everything to come! :) i really do pray that this will be the year that i would bring someone to christ. or at least one of these years.. hahhaha ( ; i got four of them for highschool (: it'll happen one of those years fasho :D hahahaha !(: i thank god for everything that has been happening this summer . i know its still not over and we still have about a little over a month.. but so far, im LOVING IT !(: im so blessed and thankful for everything. i wish that summer could be longer but its okay :D cause then the school year will be coming around & then what i have hoped for could happen....

that i would bring someone ( or people ) to christ just like how i had and still have the opportunity to know him & learn more about the big GOD! (:

i really hope it happens. i know.. GOD HAS A PLAN FOR EVERYTHING :) and im hoping this is apart of it ! :D

Sunday, July 05, 2009


fourth of july yesterday :) and i think it was maybe one of thee best yet :D i got to spent it at GOLDENGATEPARK with the loves <3 hahaha(: it was really tiring but soo much fun :) then after, got tapioca at my FAVORITE (: ..WONDERFULFOODS ! loveeeee that place :) went back to their house & had dinner(: made our own spring rolls and i gotta say.. mine looked pretty GOOD like the ones you see in the restaurants :D HHAHAHA! had a yummy cookie && then played one game of supersmashbrothersmelee but then the guys kicked me off.. hahaha. then i played rockband with christopher.:) KILLED HIM! (: then watched fever pitch while the other more ADULT GROUP played.. PHASE 10 ! so i had the lil kiddies and they got restless and wanted to watch FIREMANSAM! hhahaha. who knows what that is ?? i dont. soo we did that and then christopher left to go bowling with his HOMEBRUHS and i tried putting terri to sleep.. didnt work! BOOO! ): then we left and went home :) while the little kiddies were watching tv though, me and chris got to talk and stuff (: and i REALLY REALLY LIKED IT <3 it was a good talk :D and im very glad we got to have it :) &&i think this talk we had really helped our relationship even though it wasnt really long.. but it was really meaningful :)

MICHELLE LI'S BIRTHDAY AND JASMINE K.'S BIRTHDAY ARE COMING UP SOON !:) and i need to plan something :D well.. for michelle at least but when jasmine comes back from newyork in august then i'll do something for her too when i get back from hawaii :) im soo excited for hawaii !(: AUGUST!!! its sooo close (: yay ! this summer is happening too fast ): and i wish we could go back to the day i graduated... ): that was the start of my summer..