Tuesday, March 31, 2009

i love sexgod ! :)

so lately for the past 5 maybe 6 even weeks, i have been having a bible study with the ladies :) &the book we are reading is called SEXGOD by ROB BELL! that's what the book looks like on the front. pretty plain looking. gives it a warm feeling, but hear are what the different chapters are titled :
-introduction: This Is Really About That
-chapter 1: God Wears Lipstick
-chapter 2: Sexy On the Inside
-chapter 3: Angels and Animals
-chapter 4: Leathers, Whips, and Fruit
-chapter 5: She Ran Into the Girl's Bathroom
-chapter 6: Worth Dying For
-chapter 7: Under the Chuppah
-chapter 8: Johnny and June
-chapter 9: Whoopee Forever

soo ! i just wanted to show you the different chapters because they're very different titles you wouldn't hear normally. but Ive actually been learning a lot. especially my view towards people. I've been learning a lot from this book. for example, say i look at someone and say they're ugly. I'm really saying that god is ugly almost because god made everyone in his eyes &through what he sees. I'm saying god's creation is ugly which really isn't true. so! I'm learning how to not judge &really have a different view. almost like seeing them through god's eyes which i wish i can do everyday, all day. another thing that's been going through my head is the cross &the meaning. i used to think that the cross was just a symbol more than having a meaning. i knew Jesus died on it and gave his life for us on that cross, but it really means more.
"it's God's suffering, God's pain, God's broken heart."
"if you've ever given yourself to someone and found yourself waiting for their response, exposed & vulnerable, left hanging in the balance, you know how God feels. If you have ever given yourself to someone and had your heart broken, you know how God feels. If you have ever given yourself to someone and they responded, the reciprocated with love of their own, you know how God feels.The cross is God's way of saying, "I know what it's like." "

i think the whole cross thing relates to a movie i just watched which was amazing !:)
it was called fireproof and we watched it for friday night fellowship. during one part of the movie, the guy has a conversation with his dad and this is exactly what he says:

John Holt: Has she thanked you for anything you've done the last 20 days?
Caleb Holt: No! And you'd think after I washed the car, I've changed the oil, do the dishes, cleaned the house, that she would try to show me a little bit of gratitude. But she doesn't! In fact, when I come home, she makes me like I'm - like I'm an enemy! I'm not even welcome in my own home, Dad. That is what really ticks me off! Dad, for the last three weeks, I have bent over backwards for her. I have tried to demonstrate that I still care about this relationship. I bought her flowers, which she threw away. I have taken her insults and her sarcasm, but last night was it. I made dinner for her. I did everything I could to demonstrate that I care about her, to show value for her, and she spat in my face! She does not deserve this, Dad. I'm not doing it anymore! How am I supposed to show love to somebody over and over and over who constantly rejects me?
John Holt: [touches, then leans against cross] That's a good question.

people in real life act in this same way towards God, maybe not in the actions but you get the point. its just like in sexgod where rob bell talks about God knowing how it feels like. God definitely knows how it feels to be rejected by people. when people forget God is there, its almost like rejection. there are so many other ways people reject God and when we get rejected ourselves, we sometimes dont think anyone else knows how it feels. its so crazy how everything just connects. reading that the cross was God's way of saying "I know what its like" and then seeing it happen in the movie was so incredible. i really do love that movie !(: God has really been showing me amazing things and making my eyes open to so many things I've never realized. praise god! :)

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  1. that is some deep stuff bobo. glad that sex god is helping u grow and "open your eyes to the things unseen". keep on keeping on. the guys should be reading something like this too