Tuesday, July 14, 2009

oh.. hes GOT a plan !(:

friends are amazing and you should cherish the friendship made & the relationship between you two :D friends, ( well depending on the "friend" ) help you in so many ways. they can be reliable, trustworthy, loyal, fun to be around :) i dont know just everything. &&sometimes you take for granted almost that you'll always have friends. never forget about your friends because the good ones will stick by your side;) they got your back and encourage&support you to do better than what you think you can. they'll be there to talk or listen and hang out. friends are one of thee best things about my life and they're soo important to me (:

&&honestly. im really excited for lowell, but ! hecka scared at the same time only because of all the competition and people around. OTHER THAN THAT THOUGH.... im so ready to meet new people and have the experience of HIGHSCHOOL that i have been waiting for :D i really think imma have a blast at lowell even though most people ( other than the ones that go there ) dont like it :) but its all good !(: it'll be a new fun, learning adventure :D hahahaa adventure ! i think it will be. who knows ! but i really pray for the school year and everything that happens. i pray that i wont get sidetracked by all the school work and what not and forget about doing my devotions, prayers, and everything else. i pray for everyone else too that they wont forget and keep living their lives out as children of god!(: i pray that throughout the year that i will bring people to him whether it would be to fellowship or church. && if i do, then i pray that they would stick with it and realize that they have a purpose for being there & that they wouldn't think they are there for the wrong reasons. GOD HAS A PLAN FOR EVERYTHING :)

i think that is my theme this summer& the rest of the year.

this school year will be different than what im used to, but im excited and hopeful for everything to come! :) i really do pray that this will be the year that i would bring someone to christ. or at least one of these years.. hahhaha ( ; i got four of them for highschool (: it'll happen one of those years fasho :D hahahaha !(: i thank god for everything that has been happening this summer . i know its still not over and we still have about a little over a month.. but so far, im LOVING IT !(: im so blessed and thankful for everything. i wish that summer could be longer but its okay :D cause then the school year will be coming around & then what i have hoped for could happen....

that i would bring someone ( or people ) to christ just like how i had and still have the opportunity to know him & learn more about the big GOD! (:

i really hope it happens. i know.. GOD HAS A PLAN FOR EVERYTHING :) and im hoping this is apart of it ! :D

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