Monday, July 27, 2009

mondays are one of thee best days of summer :)

so today i bussed to chan baby's house ! hahaha justkidding. chris' house and went to the beach. it actually wasnt cold which was sorta surprising :) it was "just right" hahaha. but whenever we go to the beach together, we learn something new about each other each time. && we talk a lot more than usual. maybe its because the beach gives us that warmth inside & relaxing feeling ... but we really open up to each other and talk about some really interesting things. then we went over to the cliffhouse area & looked over the waves: ) that was fun . walked to the bus stop and caught the 38 to go eat "lunchdinner" and got some tapioca !(: that was good but then it started getting really cold. ); hahaha so we were gonna go to the park nearby but then chris saw his basketball buddies there soo we didnt go and got picked up and went back to his crib(: haahha. i got to watch chris &allison play brawl together and boy was allison a CUTIE !:D hahah she was sooo concentrated on winning. but then i left & went to watch the bronze game. they lost unfortunately. but oh wells ! its just a game :] then went home & here i am now !(: hahahaha.

soo its almost august which means it the last month before school starts for me.. sadly ): but im leaving for hawaii soon which is gonna be one of thee best parts of summer :D this year im not going baayf but i do have another four years. but i do pray that everyone going there would learn more about god and get closer to him while they are there. & also that they wouldnt get a "spiritual high" because those can die down. but that their love and faith in you would be everlasting and that not just because of camp that they feel they would have to grow from there & that they have to get away to grow closer to you but that its just something that will help them grow more. i wont be able to meet new people or get closer with god but i think hes been speaking to me even though im not gonna be away at a camp. maybe god is using chris and helping me grow spiritually through him. he encourages me through what he says to make me wanna do the same. i dont know if that makes sense or not but i dont know how to describe whats happening. i guess to just "sum" up what i said (which sounded like jibberish) is that chris supports me in my faith and in return im helping him grow spiritually and i guess it just helps me and when i see him growing in god, it makes me wanna too.

yeah i was talking to someone the other day and they said to me . " i sorta feel like people go to church for the wrong reasons " && honestly i didnt expect that at ALL ! hahaha. i was thinking to myself " huh ? hmmm this is surprising. why would he/she say that ?" and i asked oh what made you say that and they said to me.. i dont know i just feel like in general the people at church arent there for the right reasons.. and it honestly did get me thinking hard. i was just so confused and surprised. i didnt know what to say back.

i havent been going to the rescue mission lately.. i know its not a "have to" but like everytime i went .. theres always sooo many people there that i barely do anything.. and then when you dont do anything it gets sorta boring.. so yeah i havent been going for awhile .. probably like 3 maybe 4 weeks. wont be going next 2 weeks either cause im in hawaii so idk. i want to help people out & serve unto others but then if i go there and theres other people already doing things than i cant & im just standing around. sooooo hopefully the next time i go, i'll be able to do something and be a good little helper !(: hahahaha

hahahhaa last thing to say..

:: friends suck :) but really are one of thee best things in life you can ever have .. besides god, your family & your loved one :) hahha but friends are up there on the list ! :: hehehehe

oh && i just wanted to say . HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 3 is one of my favorite movies EVER ! :D hahahhaha i dont care if you dont like it.. i'll MAKE YOU LIKE IT !(:

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