Sunday, July 05, 2009


fourth of july yesterday :) and i think it was maybe one of thee best yet :D i got to spent it at GOLDENGATEPARK with the loves <3 hahaha(: it was really tiring but soo much fun :) then after, got tapioca at my FAVORITE (: ..WONDERFULFOODS ! loveeeee that place :) went back to their house & had dinner(: made our own spring rolls and i gotta say.. mine looked pretty GOOD like the ones you see in the restaurants :D HHAHAHA! had a yummy cookie && then played one game of supersmashbrothersmelee but then the guys kicked me off.. hahaha. then i played rockband with christopher.:) KILLED HIM! (: then watched fever pitch while the other more ADULT GROUP played.. PHASE 10 ! so i had the lil kiddies and they got restless and wanted to watch FIREMANSAM! hhahaha. who knows what that is ?? i dont. soo we did that and then christopher left to go bowling with his HOMEBRUHS and i tried putting terri to sleep.. didnt work! BOOO! ): then we left and went home :) while the little kiddies were watching tv though, me and chris got to talk and stuff (: and i REALLY REALLY LIKED IT <3 it was a good talk :D and im very glad we got to have it :) &&i think this talk we had really helped our relationship even though it wasnt really long.. but it was really meaningful :)

MICHELLE LI'S BIRTHDAY AND JASMINE K.'S BIRTHDAY ARE COMING UP SOON !:) and i need to plan something :D well.. for michelle at least but when jasmine comes back from newyork in august then i'll do something for her too when i get back from hawaii :) im soo excited for hawaii !(: AUGUST!!! its sooo close (: yay ! this summer is happening too fast ): and i wish we could go back to the day i graduated... ): that was the start of my summer..

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