Monday, June 29, 2009

its coming together

&&this is what ive been waiting for. i think this past week is probably one of the best weeks this whole summer. even though summer may have just started. i feel this week was very accomplishing :)& im glad ! (: my prayers .. well some have been answered. ive been wanting to grow my faith together with chris.. &&what he said to me this past week just made myself go "wow." and thats what i love about having fellow brothers and sisters in christ. they help you realize things that you would have never thought. at first i was surprised that he did say that to me, but after i thought about it, i wasnt anymore.

&maybe i am being a jerk. i dont know. maybe it is wrong on my part && i shouldnt be that way. BUT ARGH! its so hard. but chris also did make me realize that i shouldnt be that way. :) HES SO GOOD &HELPFUL. hahah(: im not gonna let others get in the way of my summer. so being a non jerk would help ! hahaha!(; im not really jerky though.. LMBO.
my mom always says ..

i dont start it .. im just the after shock:) SERIOUSLY TRUE!
but things will come together with the help of god. i am FASHO about that!:) through the good and bad always praise god !:D

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